Personal Development

Charisma for Pastors’ Wives

As the wife of a pastor, you play an important role in the church community. You are a leader, a role model, and a confidant

Personal Development

A Woman of Courage and Grace

As a pastor’s wife, you face unique challenges and responsibilities that require you to be a woman of courage and grace. In times of difficulty

Spiritual Growth

Faith in the face of Uncertainties

As a pastor’s wife, you may often find yourself facing uncertainties, whether it be in your personal life, ministry, or the world at large. In

Personal Development

Resilience Despite Struggles

As a pastor’s wife, you may face many struggles and challenges in your ministry and personal life. However, building resilience can help you navigate these

Grace, Rest and Stress Relief

Courageous Woman

You need to be courageous to do all that God has called you to do. You may think that courage is the last word that can be used to describe you but don’t fret. Courage is simply embracing who God says you are.

Grace, Rest and Stress Relief

Not Just a Plus One

People choose their pastor and not their pastor’s wife.  Many times, a pastor’s wife may be left feeling like a tag.  You may feel like a mere “plus one” or just a bonus that came with the offer.  As a result, you find yourself constantly adapting to fit people’s expectations of what a pastor’s wife should be. 


Parenting Challenges

There are parenting challenges that every kind of parent faces. The parenting challenges that pastors and church leaders face is peculiar and therefore deserves some extra attention.


Fear of Infidelity

Dealing with the fear of infidelity can plague a pastor’s wife. Dear Pastor’s wife, Are you afraid your husband will have an affair? Maybe

Personal Development

Stress Relief

Pastor’s wives need to pay attention to the all-important subject of stress management. Our stress level impacts our mental health. Do not embrace stress as