Courageous Woman

You need to be courageous to do all that God has called you to do. You may think that courage is the last word that can be used to describe you but don’t fret. Courage is simply embracing who God says you are. You see, God will always place a demand on the person He has made you to be. When your outward self reflects who your inward self is, then you will do things that you once thought were beyond you.

You Can be a Courageous Woman

That is why it is important to know what God says about you because that is what calls out the real person. Maybe you are covered  in shame, insecurity or low self-esteem, but that is not really who you are. It may be what you have become on the outside because of what people have said about you, the mistakes you have made or perhaps what your life experiences have been. That is why God will address you as a mighty woman of valor even when you do not feel like it. He will call you a world-changer when you don’t feel like you can change anything. 

Courage Is Demonstrated in Obedience

Remember Gideon in the bible? He felt like the least of everything. The last thing he saw himself as was someone that could be used to deliver Israel. However, an angel appeared to Him and called him “a mighty man of valor”. He did not quite accept that word initially but when he finally did, he found himself being able to do what he thought was impossible – what God had designed him to do all along

Have you ever wondered what “impossible” things you are going to do once you accept what God is saying about you? Will you be a woman who changes other people’s lives? Will you be one who helps others to heal from abuse? Will you be the woman who starts an initiative that helps others? Will you be the woman that preaches the gospel all over the world? Great things await you on the other side of courage.

A Courageous Woman Goes Beyond the Title

What might be holding you back is that you think too little of yourself. “Pastor’s wife” is not a five-fold ministry office. Yes, it is an important supporting function, but it may not be all that God has called you to be. You have a responsibility before God to continually seek His face to hear what He is saying about you.

When you stand before God, you will be held accountable for not only what you did in fulfilling your role as a pastor’s wife but also what you did in pursuing your unique destiny. That is why I like to say that a woman has a two-fold call, and she is doubly graced for it. So, be courageous. There will be times you will feel the fear. Courage is not the absence of fear, but it is moving on in spite of the fear you feel. Courage is moving forward because you are paying attention to what God is saying to you and shutting down everything that fear may be speaking to you.

A Courageous Woman Follows God's Plan

Following God’s will always require courage because God is always talking about bigger things for the future. When you walk with God, your future can only get better. A better future is determined by how much more you follow God’s plan than you did in the past. Wake up each day with a determination to be obedient. In God, your future is always going to be greater than your past.

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