The Book

Dear Pastor’s Wife is the new revolutionary book for pastor’s wives and all those who love them.


If only we had a manual to show us how to handle the details in our journey. That may be wistful thinking because we are expected to figure it out as we go.

May Ijisesan, an electrical engineer by training, an entrepreneur and a pastor’s wife of over twenty-two years brings you this book that had to be written to shine the spotlight on pastors’ wives and bring fresh appreciation for the contribution of this dynamic part of the church that is often hidden in the shadows.

The Pastor's Wife is the "Good" Ingredient

May sees the pastor’s wife as a special person created by God to bring good in every situation. In fact, she sees a woman’s call as an helpmate as a noble one that means without her presence, society, institutions and families devolve into confusion and sub optimal existence. The pastor’s wife is a crucial, often unrecognized part of the church. She brings good to the local assembly and needs to be recognized for all that she offers.

In Dear Pastor’s Wife, May takes the reader through her journey as a pastor’s wife. The road has not been easy. It has required consecration, grit and a many occasions of mind renewal. She shares about her various relationships; with her husband, children, church members and relationships outside the church. She also focuses on self-care for the pastor’s wife, faith and the courage to live life on your own terms while staying obedient to God’s call.

Dear Pastor's Wife

In a bold and relatable way, Dear Pastor’s Wife is the book every pastor’s wife needs right now to thrive and be everything she has always wanted to be. It is also the book needed by everyone in the church who is not a pastor’s wife. It is our responsibility to know this woman better; to understand her and root for her to succeed at what she was created to do. We need to know her well enough to advocate for her wellbeing. The Pastor’s Wife is God’s secret weapon against the devil’s onslaughts in a local church, Dear Pastor’s Wife will help you understand why.


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